Should I Take My Husband's Last Name?

Recently, more and more brides are choosing to leave their last name after entering into a legal marriage. Today, we will evaluate all the pros and cons of such a decision.

A pile of papers and a lot of wasted time

The process of changing the name is a complex legal process. In order for a young wife to be able to fully use her husband's name in everyday life, she needs to change absolutely all of her documents: from the passport to the taxpayer identification number. In addition, we should not forget about driving licenses, bank card and student card.

So, if a woman decided to keep her last name, it will save her from the unpleasant procedure of changing documents. In addition, this procedure is automatically repeated (only in reverse order) in case of a divorce, which is unpleasant not only from a practical, but also from a psychological point of view. Therefore, if you have already decided to change your name to your spouse's name, be prepared to accept a “paper fight”.

If the bride already has her “name” at work

By the time of marriage, many young women are already climbing a certain step on the career ladder. At this stage, they have a solid reputation, a stable circle of clients or publications under the maiden name. For such ladies, a change of surname can damage the success of a professional career. Therefore, career women often retain their last name. And for public people and celebrities - it is quite a common thing.

But what about individuality?

Such a question is often asked by brides who have a strongly developed sense of their own identity. They perceive the change of surname as a loss of a part of themselves and as if their personality is dissolved in the personality of the husband. If for a young woman the problem lies only in this, then we advise to try to look at the situation from a different, simpler side. With the change of names, all your virtues and charms are not going anywhere! They will not be damaged or transformed by this.

The way the surname sounds is also important

For example, Jane Redstone is unlikely to wish to change her beautiful last name to something like Bonner or Dickweed. However, here everything is purely individual. And if a woman is determined to take her husband's name, she is unlikely to be stopped by this. After all, this will in no way affect family relationships and your well-being!

And yet the family is one!

No one has canceled such concepts as the traditional values of marriage and family. The American society is characterized by an extremely simple and democratic attitude to marriage issues, yet there are countries like Russia with more traditional views on it. A man is traditionally considered the head of the family, and a woman is the keeper of the hearth. Many married couples live according to this pattern of behavior and are convinced that this is inherent in nature, and no progress can change this order of things.

In addition, when taking the surname of her husband, a woman protects herself from condemnation and misunderstanding on the part of society, especially when a child is born in a family. A young mother who has preserved her surname after the wedding should be prepared for not entirely correct questions from the caregivers or other parents in the children's institution. This is quite real!